Invisible Door for Stylish Minimalist Modern Interiors

Frameless doors are the most prevalent type of door used and an example of the increased specialization in today’s modern designs.

MEDO has emerged as a leader in modern door design. The most prevalent type of door used today is the modern frameless door. MEDO offers several different lines of frameless doors.

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Frameless Doors Are The Perfect Choice For Stylish Interiors

Interior frameless doors allow perfect integration with the wall and the environment, which is why they are the ideal solution for combining light and minimalism, aesthetics needs and space, volumes and stylistic purity.

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Thanks to the minimalist, aesthetic sleek design and the absence of protruding parts, they visually expand the space of a house or apartment.

In addition, it is possible to paint the primed doors in any shade, wallpaper the slab, or decorate with plaster.

Frameless doors are easy to install. So that you can use them in different rooms, MEDO offer a variety of slab sizes and inframeless and outframeless opening systems.

Exterior View

The leaf is installed flush with the wall


Interior View

The door is neatly shaped in the opening


High-quality elegant hardware will be the best addition to modern interior design solutions.



The design of the hinges fits the handles, with a concealed hinge system and magnetic mortise. Increased reliability and service life of the door.


Incredible design, perfect functionality. Options for all rooms and configurations, enhancing the appearance of the doors.

5 frameless glass door accessories


Excellent security and anti-burglary features. The locks will last you for many years.

6 frameless aluminium doors

Frameless Doors That Can Be Plaster Covered

All models can be painted or plaster-covered in the same palette color of the wall, or covered with wallpaper for an elegant blending effect with the wall.

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Customized By Medo Chosen By You

MEDO frameless doors can be supplied in any finish or color available in the catalog, vertical or horizontal grain, any type of lacquer or wood-texture finishes or painted with a covering color.

Frameless Glass Doors

Availability of a variety of glass options: white or mirror finishes for opaque glass, etched finishes, satin and reflective gray or bronze for clear glass.

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Numberless Solutions

If the most widely used materials are glass and lacquered wood, the range of frameless doors offers endless combinations of materials, finishes, opening systems and sizes, including the elegant full-height version.

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