Customized High End Minimalist Aluminum Entry Door

Popular Customized High End Minimalist Anti-Prying Door Lock with Outstanding Aesthetics Aluminum Entry Door

Home Entry Essential | Aluminum Solid Panel | Customized Made


● Easy to install in existing architecture thanks to unique concealed hinges embedded into the frame, the minimalist appear to be floating in thin air when opening and closing.

● Space saving

● Increase the value of your home

● Creates a grand entryway

● Secure and low maintenance

● Hardware included.

You only need to choose the style that best fits you and your home.

Leave the work to us, your door will be completely the way you want it. Absolutely no comparison to buying a door from a big box store!

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We design and manufacture the finest hand-forged aluminum entry doors that provide an exquisite entrance and timeless look. Whether you prefer modern or something more ornate, we design to suit all tastes.

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Customized High End Minimalist Aluminum Entry Door01 (4)

MEDO has a wide collection of aluminum entry doors gives you multiple choices and options to outfit your home’s entryways.

Aluminum doors are recognized for superior security benefits as well as their strong solid factor. Make a grand entrance statement with the addition of traditional, classic, multiple decorative styles.

A wide variety of panel designs and options are available.

High-definition decorative panel profiles closely replicate the appearance of a high-end door with the ultimate in security.

3 keyless entry door locks(1)

MEDO’s aluminum entry door can be customized made to coordinate with any home decor and color scheme.

10cm door panel filled with aviation aluminum foil. Paired with thickened sealing sound insulation strips, the sound insulation effect can be greatly improved.

4 entry door locks(1)

Our specialty formulated paints creates the ultimate base for our unique finishing process.

Rot-resistant bottom rail, reinforced internal lock block, reinforced aluminum plates, and interlocking hinges are among the features that help to keep your door looking and acting new long after you purchase your spectacular entryway!

5 entry front doors
6 home depot entry doors(1)


7 wood entry doors

Thickened door panel effectively reduces noise.

Door panel thickness upgrade, filters out sound sources, polyurethane foam insulation, refrigerator-grade material, good insulation performance.Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle and enjoy the tranquility.

8 fiberglass entry doors(1)

Various locks option

Security locks on doors are important

Up to 9 different locking points maximum

Super C-level lock cylinder with strong anti-breakage capability

Double-sided serpentine internal milling groove, 16 million random keys,

Car anti-theft technology

10 modern entry doors
11 steel entry doors

Fingerprint lock

Semiconductor fingerprint recognition

Prevent false fingerprint openings

Semiconductor fingerprint recognition

Fully intelligent chip

Fingerprint data can be updated iteratively and automatically, making it more sensitive with use.

12 entry door handlesets

Password lock

Virtual password Prevent password peeking


Powerful AI chip High performance, low power consumption

13 entry doors near me

Installation Instruction

14 entry door installation

MEDO’s Standout Difference Is Your Ultimate Protection

Enhanced Strength & Security

● 2 sides of strong solid thick aluminum panel against theft

● Aluminum reinforcement plates and rust-free interlocking hinges

Lasting Beauty Beyond Compare

● Exclusively formulated paint or powder coated

● Standard to highly decorative keypad security hardware

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